Dental Digital X-Ray 3D Intraoral Scanner with Software

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Advantage of the image capture unit
Lightweight design, easy to operate.
Pen-type operation, the image unit has a flexible internal transformation.
Easy and complete post-scanning area.
Built-in integrated anti-fog design, heated to the appropriate temperature, the image unit is not complicated.
The situation is foggy and the data is more accurate and clear.
Provides an internal capture image real-time synchronized image and video mode display to help control the location of the image capture.
Take more images and more accurate data.
CE F.D.A ANVISA Approved
Data openness
Can choose any repair design software, EXOCAD, 3Shape.
Optional output axis for better interface with design software.
Product composition
Composed of scanning handle, scanning head, base, power adapter, and 3D acquisition software.
Scope of application
The intraoral scanner uses optical scanning to collect the three-dimensional geometric data of the tooth to be repaired in the patient's mouth, providing a three-dimensional digital model for CAD/CAM denture design and processing.
1.Superior image quality based on advanced CMOS technology.
2.More portable 3D acquisition process.
3.Smaller and more comfortable, durable scanning head.
4.Easy to use USB 2.0 interface.
Include software
Scanning common software format: stl format
Only Chinese and English
Accuracy 10 microns
Format: Open source STL format
Complete scan of the mouth (including the time of upper occlusion): 5 minutes
Working time >30000 hours
Handle weight: 210g
Output file: STL, PLY (true color)
Model optimization: yes
Quick reset: yes
Image mode sync: 3D video
Scanning accuracy 20um
Operating distance: 0-17mm
Phase-taking technique: Optical continuous video capture
Handle size: 240x49.5x30.5mm

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