Dental 1:1 Inner Water Straight Handpiece With Led Fiber

DenshineSKU: 50939272-1

Color: Type1


1. 1:1 Direct Drive speed . Stainless steel body
2. Driven by Implant Surgical Unit
3. Single Water Spray & Cellular Glass Optics
4. stainless steel bearings
5.135°C Autoclavable
Performance specifications :
connect: E-Type Implant Surgical motor
Max. Rotation Speed (Motor) :40,000min-1
Max. Rotation Speed (Handpiece) :40,000min-1
Gear Ratio :1:1 Direct Drive
Bur Type: ø2.35mm H Bur
Chuck Length :29.4mm (H Bur)
Max. Bur Length :44.5mm (H Bur)
Max. Working Part Diameter :Ø4.0mm

Product name:1:1 contra angle straight handpiece
Material:Stainless steel
Color : Blue ring
Gear ratio:1:1Max speed
Bur applicable
1.59-1.60mm Standard FG BurConnectorE-typeOptic
Glass Rod
Water spray
Inner/ outer water Spray

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