110V 1-7L/min Portable Adjustable Air Purifier Oxygen Generator Machine

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1. Adjustable oxygen concentration: supply continues flow 1-7/min adjustable, 7L high flow rate, when the flow rate in 1-7L, the oxygen concentration is adjustable at 30%-93% ± 3%, continuous and stable oxygen supply,

2. the oxygen flowmeter is adjustable at a 0.1Lpm scale so that it can be used to feed in pure oxygen for ozone therapy applications.

3. Low noise: the measured noise is as low as 45 dB, and the oxygen concentration is high, which can still be maintained in continuous operation

4. Molecular sieve: high-efficiency lithium sieve, strong adsorption, high oxygen rate, strong stability, long life

5. Negative oxygen ion: release negative ion oxygen, can improve the ventilation function and enhance the global oxygen absorption rate. Complement each other with oxygen, more can enhance immunity, improve brain activity and myocardial function, improve the quality of sleep function.

6.2in1 Oxygen inhalation atomization: Special interface for atomization, Oxygen generation, and atomization is carried out at the same time

7. Operation and Function: Touch large LED screen operation, Remote control, Timed shutdown, Purity monitoring, Nebulization Function;


Rated power: 130 W (ave.)

Operation voltage (V/Hz):220V AC, 50 Hz / 110V AC, 60 Hz

Oxygen concentration: 30%-90% adjustable (room temperature, 0. 1MPa)

Oxygen flow: 1-7L/Min

Oxygen pressure: 0.03-0.06L/MPa

Running noise: < 45dB

Product size:358×231×321mm

Product net weight: 6.5Kg

Electrical classification: class B

Display control: LCD screen display, intelligent chip control, wireless remote control

Package includes:

1*Oxygen machine

1 *Power cable

1*Atomization set

1*Earphone type oxygen inhalation device

1*nasal suction tube

1*Remote control

1* User Manual

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