Mobile Dental X-ray Machine Equipment Unit Moving type

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Voltage: 110V



  • 1.With the development of the society and with the improvement of living standard of the people, people began to pay much attentions to the health of there dental, especially in the respect, of medical dental,
  • so many new types of equipment for diagnosis.
  • 2.The unit employs advanced chip-culator technology with the functions of presetting and relevant data can be preset on the control box and then using remote controller to operate the unit.
  • 3.The unit is applied to dental X-Ray radiation for diagnosis of the teeth.
  • 4.Exposure time is precisely controlled by a micro-processor.An optimal setting is employed when the system is started.Automatic protection function can avoid the misoperation and extend the life of the instrument.
  • 5.Self-coding high frequency electromagnetic remote controller enables the operation within 10m in and makes the operation safe and convenient.
  • 6.X-Ray penetration capacity is adjustable according to the status of the patients.High resolution and high contrast images can be produced.
  • 7.The unit structure designed allows the X-Ray generator operate freely and precisely within the adjustable rang, it can be balanced and stabilized at any position.
  • 8.The vertical moving rang of the X-Ray generator is more 400mm. Back and forward moving is more than 600mm. Start force is less than 35N.The suspended arm can be rotate by 150°on horizontal plane. Sliding rod can be sliclecl down wards and upwards sliding workable distance is 600mm.
  • 10.The extension arm can be rotated by 160°on horizontal plane, start operation force is less than 15N.
  • 11.The max height of the unit is 1840mm, the max width of the base platform is 680mm.
  • 12.The seat with a jack can be lifted up and down freely, it’s adjustable rang is 100mm.
  • 13.The unit can work normally. When the unit on the floor the slop angle is less than 5°; when it is less than 10°, the unit can stand stably.

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  • 1 *main body

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