1080P Dental Endoscopic Mini Wifi Intra Oral Camera

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Wireless intraoral camera features:

1.Camera intra oralequipped with 1080P FHD camera to achieve clear image and real-time whole process video of earwax digging with rich details for practical observation and check of ear canal
2.Intra oral camera Support zoom in/out and easy button control for user friendly operation, suitable for daily professional oral disease check.
3.Camera intra oral wifi built-in 8pcs adjustable high brightness LED lights can effectively improve image clarity in dark or low-light condition.
4.Camera intra oral odontologia widely compatible with Android & iOS smart phones and tablets for more convenient connection.
5.Waterproof camera lens can enable easier and painless access into your body and wider application range for eyes, nose, oral, skin and etc.
6.Be your own dentist, prevent precautions suach as caries,cavity detection,oral examination,wisdom teeth,oral ulcer,tooth decay,oral residue,periodontals,Teeth Whitening and etc.And save money for your mouth.
1.The high-precision, high-definition endoscopio dental can be easily inserted into the oral cavity,Through the chip image processing technology, the lens image is transmitted by the principle of WiFi, so that the health problems in the oral cavity can be clearly seen on the cell phone.
2.The detailed focal length of 3-10mm:
When you use the dental visual mirror, it should be close to the teeth to see the image will be clear.
The best focal length is 3-10mm. This product is different from hospital medical dental mirrors. It is personalized for personal oral care and can be used near teeth.
3.One-touch power-on / photography is completed by built-in one-touch button:
Press the power button for 3 seconds to activate the product and connected phone, short touch the power button to take a photo
4.Bulky Wireless Magnetic Charging Difference:
Automatic suction and wired charging is bulky, but also has potential safety risks such as burnout, water leakage and other safety hazards ; Magnetic charge of T5, automatic suction, fast and no leakage, farewell to bulky, but also guarantee safety.
5.Body wiping and waterproof:
You can use alcohol or water to wipe the whole body before using. You can wipe the lens and body with alcohol or water before using, disinfect and clean, to ensure a clean and hygienic using experience.
Product name: Intraoral camera
Pixel: HD Pixel
Auxiliary lighting: 8 Cold light LED lights
Battery: 300mAh
Charging time: about 1.5-2h
Use time: about 120 minutes of continuous use
Working frequency: 2.4Ghz
Operation interface: One-click
Best focal length: 0.3~1cm
Package Includes:
1 * Visual intra oral camera dentistry
1 * USB cable
1 * User Manual

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