Dental LED Polishing Dust Collector Extract Grinding Sandblaster Vacuum Cleaner

DenshineSKU: 370510

Plug: US Plug



1.Use high efficiency centrifugal fans, special noise reduction treatment ,so that the wind more stable

2.This machine has induction starting function(free hands mode),and manual function mode at the same time,according to the need to control , save time , improve effcienct.

3.Four LED spotlight are built in the front can be used as lighting.

4.Drawer type filter core collection of dust ,fast and convenient dust discharge , and conduvive to the operato's physical and metal health

5.The filter is replaceable and the maintenance is very convenience and can be cleaned or replaced in case of frequent use

6.This product is suitable for the adsorption and removal of dust and smoke caused by the polishing of handicrafts.When removing,it is filtered by PM 2.5 filter element,so that dust and other things remain in the filter lattice

7.Two power supply mode:AC External Electric Supply Or Built-in Battery Supply


Adaptor: 16.8V  800mA

External electric supply:16.8V  4A

Battery:14.8V 2600mAH

Charging time: about 4 hours



About the filter plate:

1.If the suction is weakened,clean or replace the new filter plate.(It is suggested that every THREE MONTHS be replaced or according to the frequency of use).

2.If there is too much dust in the filter board,the reverse flow will occur when the filter is used.

The compact and lightweight

Package Includes:

1*Portable vacuum cleaner

1*DC Adapter

1*AC Adapter


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