Dental Portable High Frequency X-Ray Unit Machine

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1. Wireless, can be charged.
2. Time is adjustable, high contrast of picture, imaging in focus.
3. Microcomputer intelligent control ,high quality low price .
4. High-frequency design makes unit portable and compact, saving you space, easy to carry.
5.The radiation scope is at an angle of 24 degrees, locatedwithin a distance of 1.2 meters ahead.This is an innovative Chinese design named the"Green X-ray Machine."Low amount of radiation, safeguards patients and staff from overdoes of radiation exposure.
6. No protective operation room is needed when installing the complete machine 7.Flexible adjustment the position and angle of hand piece, simple and easy to handle .
8.Develop dental film in daylight, no darkroom needed.
9.Compact in volume, light in weight, convenient for carrying .
10.Can be used with sensor .

Specifications :

1. Power: DC 24V 8000MA
2.Tube voltage: 60Kv
3.Tube current: 0.1MA
4. Frequency: 30Khz
5. Time of Exposure: 0.5-9S
6. Radiation leakage: 20ngy/h
7. Rated power: 60W

Package Include:

1*Main Unit
1*Dental Film Position Indicator
5*Dental Films for Commissioning
1*Packing Instruction
1*Warranty Card

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