Dental X-Ray Film Viewer Reader Digitizer Scanner USB Connection

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The product is used for dental X-ray films will be converted to images on the computer display output. This will be conducive to physicians if illness, to enhance communication with patients, allowing patients to further their understanding of illness, to improve work efficiency.


It can be transmitted images into PC directly via USB cable and then the images will transfer to digital one immediately.
It can read any standard dental X-ray film and arrange the entire mouth teeth position chart with the software.
Can make tube of teeth measuring, angle of teeth measuring, partly enlargement and fringe reinforcement all will be available.
Can be adjusted image contrast, lightness and color.
Images can be treated to be blurred, sharpened, reverse and false colorized.
Each teeth position sequence number can be showed when pressing standard overview oral teeth position picture.
Can make image of X-ray film be transferred, saved and adjusted.
It can transform correlative data into compact disc in order to be stored.


Power:DC 5V(Provided by PC)
Input Current:300mA
Signal output:USB 2.0(all digitize)
Cable length:3M
Device Size:70*84*80(mm)

Package list:

1× X-Ray film reader
1× USB cable
1× User manual
1× Driver disc

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