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In the dentists'clinical treatment, base plate wax become more and more popular especially for the patients who own edentulous jaw or lose more than two back teeth.

Traditionally, dentist piles individual pallets and temporary base with self-curing resin. Which will lead to uneven thickness self-curing resin and meanwhile makes it difficult for resin to reach the design position accurately. 

Short operate time also makes it difficult to achieve good result. Our company created this new product made of environmentally-friendly material. It owns advantages as follows: perfect plasticity, even thickness, no mixing, odorless 
smell and being easy to operate.
Among handle-base plate, upper jaw and lower jaw are used to make individual trays. Plates for anterior teeth and each side of mouth are used for making temporary crown&bridge.
Non-handle-base plate is used for doctors and skilled worker to make jaw tray, arrange teeth and form shaping result.


1.Make first impression and plaster models.Before operation, fill undercut of model with soft wax drops.

2.Mark base line to confirm base plate edges, and apply separating medium on processed model. Put the model into the water soak when the medium becomes dry.

3.Heat water in constant temperature water pot to 70℃ beforehand. Place the model on the tray of pot, put the base plate above the model and then put the tray into pot with a glass rod fixed on the base plate. Remove the tray  when the base plate's color becomes transparent and adhere to the model (adjust its position when necessary), empty the excess water, and cut the edge to shape.

4.Put the treated base plate and model into cold water. When the base plate becomes hard, separate it from the model and polish sharp edges.

5.If the shaping result is not qualified, re-insert it into hot water and operate again.


1.The plaster model should be fully immersed before operation to maximize disappearing the bubbles.

2. Empty the excess water from the gypsum groove as much as possible before shaping.

3.Put it into cold water after shaping, have it separated after it is completely hardened.

4. The edge trim can be operated  by alcohol lamp.

5.After shaping, apply adhesive or punch at the bottom to prevent silicone falling off.

Storage and Maintenance:

1.The product shall be stored in a dry, ventilated and normal temperature room whose relative humidity is not more than 80% and doesn’t have corrosive gas.

2.Avoidance of direct sunlight.

3.Prevention of extrusion and damage during storage.

4.The shelf life is 36 months.

Package includes:

Non-handle-base plate:20 pieces/box .(10 for upper jaw and 10 for lower jaw)

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