AZDENT Dental Disinfection Box Autoclave Sterilizer Case Burs Endo Files Holder For Burs Dentist Instrument

joychicSKU: 620000206568-6397

Option1: 16 Holes Blue


Dental Burs Holder 10 Holes/16 Holes with Silicon

100 Brand new and high quality                
Dental Bur Block with Cover 10/16 Holes 
For FG RA Bur                           
Fully autoclavable metal, Aluminum material                                             
Application: Use to place burs             
With 10/16 Holes, the bur block is designed for both high speed burs and low speed burs.
Made of quality aluminum,disinfected, cleaned, sterilized and autoclavable under the high temperature of 135 ℃
The dental bur blocks assure a hygienic, ergonomic and economic procedure.
The special lids of the bur blocks protect the instruments against damage and prevent them from falling out of the tray.
A handy support in your dental office.

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