2pcs Dental Universal Implant Torque Screwdrivers Osstem Dentium Nobel Ankylos Prosthetic Screw Driver Torque Wrench Dentistry

joychicSKU: 620000204887-0563

Option1: 2pcs 1.2


Torque Wrench:10-70Ncm
Short drivers:8.5mm
Long drivers:13.5mm
Medical Grade Stainless Steel
100% Top Quality
Torque Wrench:10-70Ncm
Drivers 1.0 (Long+Short)Fit ForAnkylos
Drivers 1.2 (Long+Short) Fit For3I,OSS/MEGA /UFIT/NEO/DAT
Drivers 1.27 (Long+Short) Fit For DEN/BEGO/ZIMMER/AST/KJ/COR/ADIN/AB
Drivers 1.4 (Long+Short) Fit For ICX
Drivers R155 (Long+Short) Fit For NOB
Drivers R165 (Long+Short) Fit For ITI
Drivers 1.16 (Long+Shortt) Fit For Anthogyr
short drivers:8.5mm
long drivers:13.5mm
Medical Grade Stainless Steel

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