Dental Low Speed Handpiece Inner Spray Air Turbine Straight Contra Angle Air Motor 2/4Holes Turbine Push Type Handpiece Cutting

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Option1: 2 Hole motor


Dental Low Speed Handpiece Air Turbine Handpiece Straight Contra Angle handpiece Air Motor high speed handpiece polish tools

Contra Angle Technical:
Air Pressure:0.25(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
Water pressure:198Kpa(2Kg)
Bur size:Φ2.334-Φ2.355(mm)
Water flow:90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
Water pressure:0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
Atomization pressure:0.3(Mpa)-0.35(Mpa)

1. Ratio: E-type Low Speed Handpiece 1:1 Ratio, with Internal water Cooling System
2. Air Pressure: 245-392Kpa (2.5-4.0 kgf/cm⊃2;)
3. Water Pressure: 200Kpa (2kg)
4. Rotation Speed: 14,000-20,000 rpm
5. Chuck Type: Press button
6. Bur Applicable: Φ2.334-2.355mm
Noise: ≤60dB

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