8LEDs Shadowless Professional Dentistry Equipment Dental Unit Lamp Operation Lighting With Touch Screen Sensor Cold Light Bright

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Option1: Red(AE存量)***


Dental surgery LED light with touch screen, no shadow, cold light for dental implants

Input voltage: 12-36V (please confirm that the power supply is AC12-36V before installation, and make sure that the power supply is off)
Power: 26VA
Illumination: 7000lux-60000lux
Color temperature: 4000-5500K
Control method: infrared induction control
Net weight: 1830g
Working environment: Use environment temperature: 5-40°C, relative humidity: 30-75% Atmospheric pressure: 70-106Kpa
Storage and transportation: Transportation temperature: -25-70°C Relative humidity: 0--+93% Atmospheric pressure: 50-106Kpa

1. Touch the power switch key to turn on and off the dental light
2. Pass the infrared sensor point (within 10cm) by hand to turn on or off the dental lamp.
3. When the dental lamp is turned on, the hand stops within the effective range of the infrared sensor area, and the illuminance is automatically adjusted
4. Touch the K key to select a suitable color temperature
5. Slide the lower illuminance adjustment bar to adjust the illuminance of the dental lamp
6. When the dental lamp is turned off, the system will automatically store the used illuminance and color temperature for the next time it is turned on.
7. The lamp body uses three-axis rotation, which can be adjusted to the appropriate position by the handle according to the usage habits

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