3Pcs/Set Dental X-Ray Sensor Positioner Holder Dental Lab Digital X-Ray Film Locator Dentist Portable Plastic Positioning Tool

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Dental X-ray Sensor Positioner Holder

Material:PVC(nontoxic) ,sterilize in liquid antiseptic, in high temperature
The item can be sterilize under 131℃,but not too much time,pls try to do it by disinfectant.
Color: Yellow , Blue , Green
Usage:It is used during the taking picture of illness teeth, it help dentists to find the exact position to take pictures to make the illness teeth complete show in the pictures.

Applied for traditional or smaller dental films and wireless imaging plates (digital sensor).
During taking picture, it’s better to put the film in the exactly position for making the ill tooth image displayed in the middle of the film.
Reduces Patient's Oral Discomfort and Allows for Better Accuracy and Ease of X-ray Taking Procedure.
Excellent Sensor Protection
Dental X-ray sensor positioner
For digital sensor with line
the clamp size can be adjusted for different imaging platesSatisfaction Guaranteed!

1, (Green) For right maxillary upper premolar/molar and left mandibular
2, (Blue) For left maxillary premolar and right mandibular premolar/molar
3, (Yellow) For maxillary/ mandbular incisor -Anterior teeth
4.( 2pcs small green accessories)Special for smaller sensor, like the introduction book show.
One suit includes 3 Pcs (Left, Right, Upper)

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