Dental LED E-generator 1:5 increase speed Contra Angle Handpiece Self-Power Innernal Water Spray Fit KaVo

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Increasing handpiece are generally more stable than high speed handpieces. There is no heat, adapts to surgery.

the maximum speed is 40,000 rpm.

360 °rotating movement; stainless steel material.

1. LED light brightness up 32000LUX

2. drive speed ratio 1:5

3. Interface Type E-type (work for air motor and electrical motor) Torque: 65Ncm

4. anti-suction system configuration

5.Inner water spray

6. Working pressure: 0.3MKpa

7. Noise ≤ 58dB (far below international standards ≤ 70dB); Inner water cooling system

8. Applicable Tool: FG bur (1.60mm)

sterilization conditions: 135 ℃ autoclavable

1:5 increase speed

Internal Water spray

LED Light, easy to replace and autoclave

Detachable Head


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