AZDENT 10 Boxes/Pack Dental Orthodontic Wax Protection Wax Relief Wax Sticks For Braces Teeth Whitening Oral Hygiene Tool

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Option1: 10 Boxe Osmanthus


AZDENT 10 Boxes Dental Orthodontic Wax Protection Wax 10 Flavors 5 Pices per Box

Dental Ortho Wax comes with differentpleasant flavors
Red- Rose Scent
White- Original Scent
Yellow- Lemon Scent
Beige- Osmanthus Scent
Pink- Strawberry scent
Orange- Orange scent
Green- Apple scent
Blue- Mint scent
Purple- Grape Scent
Dark Green- Pineapple

A must have for Braces. Patient Relief Wax Sticks help soothe and prevent irritation to the gums caused by Braces and other
Dental appliances. Made with medical-grade paraffin-based wax.
Package: 5 pices per box

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