Dental portable turbine and air compressor equipment

DenshineSKU: 45020542-2hole

Color: 2 Holes


Dental Mini Portable Turbine Unit 1 Set engraving machine

Control system: Air control(Work with air compressor)
Air pressure for handpiece: 0.01Mpa~0.4Mpa
Air pressure input: 4-8kg
Air pressure output:0-4kg
Water pressure: 0.1Mpa~0.25Mpa
Water pressure Input: 2kg
Water pressure output: 0-2kg

How To Use:
1. Connect the gas source with the quick head, and connect the water source to the filter.
2. According to the different requirements of the use of different external accessories.
3. Switch on the water vapors switch.
4. Pedal foot switch, adjust the panel water supply, air adjustment knob, to the use of requirements.
5. Turn off the water source and air source after work, prevent the gas pressure too high water pipe burst.
6. After the control valve has been adjusted according to the 4kg system, the user does not need to adjust the valve, if you need to use more than 3kg instruments, according to the need to adjust.

1. Please don't drop the turbine unit's tube on the ground, which will lead to you can't connect this to the handpiece.
2. To avoid the problem of speed loose control and maintain the long lifespan of this machine, please do turn the speed to "min" with the speed controller before starting the following operation: push "on" or "off" button, Switching bur running between clockwise and reversed or Switching control between manual and foot pedal.

Material: Stainless steel /Plastic
Packing list: 
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