Dental Orthodontic Step Bending Pliers

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Main parameters:

Pliers material: Stainless Steel / 420J1

Pliers tips: inset with TC (tungsten carbide)

Item Code: 629-101

Pliers hardness (HRC): up to 50 degree

Pliers surface: matte

Pliers handle: standard size 14cm


i) should be used within the stipulated period, otherwise the pliers might be damaged.

ii) high pressure sterilization rather than low temperature sterilization is suggested so that the liers might not go blunt.

iii) should be cleansed immediately after being used, otherwise the pliers would discolor or be oxidized. Clear and clean pliers last long.

iv) the pliers have a strong resistance to corrosion, howeve, they would go yellow and look like rusty if not cleansed, rust-preventive oil should be used in storing the pliers.

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