Dental Orthodontic Paste Light Cure Adhesive Ortho Bond Paste

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1.orthodontic product--power chain High strength and elasticity.Long-lasting.Gentle and continuous

2.Orthodontic Adhesive: Designed for bonding of metal and ceramic brackets on enamel.

3.It is of high viscosity and thus prevents bracket drifting and reduces material waste.

4.As it is light cured extra working time is ensured and therefore accurate bracket placement can be obtained.

5.Indication For Use: Direct bonding of metal and ceramic brackets

6.This orthodontic adhesive provides a longer working time and a rapid setting time. Can be placed directly into bands. Excess flash is easy to clean up prior to the light curing and the cement is easy to see due to the blue color.

7.It contains fluoride to reduce the chance of declacification.

Package Includes:

1*Etchant acid Gel 2.5ml syringe;

1*Light Cure Adhesive Paste 3.5 g syringe

1*Light Cure Bonding system 5ml

1*Syringe tip

1*brush tips (1bag )

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