Dental Orthodontic Direct Paste Adhesive Bonding Self Curing Composite Resin Kit

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1. This product is one kind of orthodontic direct bonding system resin with aromatic bis dimethyl acrylate resin as its main material.

2. As a new-type orthodontic direct bonding system, it is convenient to use with little waste,easy to handle independently and has a favorable clinical bonding strength.

3. It consists of primer and paste with acid etchant, spatulas and small brusher as its accessories.


Clean tooth enamel surface,eliminate tooth contamination,rinse then isolate tooth and blow-dry.


Etching the enamel of the tooth with acid etchant for 50 or 60 sec. Rinse and dry with clean air.

If the enamel does not have a chalky appearance, pls. repeat the process;


apply a thin layer of the primer over the etched enamel with the brusher;


apply another thin layer of the paste to seal the edges, adjust the bracket within 20 sec,

give pressure for 5 to 10 secand remove the excessive primer and paste after 40 to 60 sec,then do orthodontic procedures followed 5-min curing.

Package includes:

3 x syringes (3.5g)

1 x primer bottle (10ml)

20 x Brushes

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