Dental Orthodontic 3D Self Ligating Brackets Brace 022 ROTH

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Type: Without hook



1. Adopt the 17-4 raw material and MIM technology, accurate in data, better in strength and durability.

2. Adopt the ultrathin design on the3 brackers, to reduce the thickness extremely and can avoid bite jaw interference during treatment.

3. The smooth edge design of the bracket could provide the best comfort.

4. Bracket open method adopts the passive slip design, can effectively reduce friction between the bracket and archwire and achieve the orthodontic system of the continuous low firction.

5. The locking plate moves more smoothly, also the lock system is more stable. The open and closed are in the same direction, easier for the orthodontic practices.

6. The unique invisible hook design, satisfy the clicnic practices requirement on the inter maxillary and in tramaxillary elastic.

7. All the teeth have the vertical slot with detachable hook, can ensure the individual case requirement of intermaxillary and intramaxillary elastic.

8. New 80 gauge mesh base, high strength bondable.


Type: 022 without hook

     022 3with hook

     022 345 with hook

Package includes:

1*3D Self Ligating Brackets set 022 MBT/ROTH

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