Dental Mobile Teeth Whitening Machine with special camera +7inch dental supply

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1.Consists of 4 high-performance blue LEDs, high light-energy
output at about 2,000mW.
2.Wavelength range: 430~490nm with peak 465nm.
3.Special optic design giving uniform light exposure.
4.Portable unit saves up more space.
5.Ergonomic full arc head with timer display. Patient can simply
know how much whitening time remains.
6.Adjustable and flexible goose neck for access of different
angle positioning.
7.High performance fan inside for best cooling effect.
8.Camera Use of 2 mega pixel high resolution lens; very high
quality images can be achieved via mobile device or tablet.
9.Total solution with self-contained 7inch tablet
10.Compare the whitening effect via tablet’s software.
11.Free APP included.


Blue Light LED              4 Pieces
Operation Temp           -20°C 60°C
Color                            white
Gross Weight               7.06KG
Size                              57*33*29.5CM
Voltage                        220V, 50/60Hz
Warranty Time             One year
Broad Spectrum          430nm~490nm (Host lamps)
Light Output power    up to 2000Mw/CM2
Max. Working Radius  50cm

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