10pcs Dental Maxillary sinus Lifting Device Implant bone Extruder Metal box

DenshineSKU: 48307818




  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Concave head 10pcs/set and 1pc Metal disinfection box
  • 5pcs Straight Petiole: head diameter sizes includes 2.6mm /3.1mm/3.8mm/4.5mm/5.0mm each one
  • 5pcs Curved Petiole: head diameter sizes includs 2.6mm /3.1mm/3.8mm/4.5mm/5.0mm each one

Packing List:
5 pcs Straight Petiole(Concave head ) + 5 pcs Contra Petiole (Concave head ) + 1 pcMetal disinfection box


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