Dental Marathon Polishing Machine Electric Nail Drill Micro Motor Grinding Machine

DenshineSKU: 45180706-us

Color: US plug


Description of product:
1.Multipurpose Micromotor for dental,laboratory,jewelry,industry.
2.Good work for polishing, Cutting, milling, trimming, grinding, casting moulds or materials and finishing surface.
3.Dust seal protection for excellent durability.
4.Simple and easy operation with variable foot pedal Control system.
5.Installed special ball bearings for super high speed(less heat and noise)
6.Another virtue is non-stage speed system (it's well designed to output from 0--35,000rpm by using non stage speed system)
7.Handpiece:Simple and easy operation (twist the handle counter-clock wise to change the bur and can be easily restored back to the original position)
Technical parameter:
Adapter: AC100-260V 50/60Hz
Output: DC36V
Max speed : 35000RPM
Power: 45W
Control box*1
Handle bracket*1
102 handle*1

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