Dental LED Oral Light Operating Induction Lamp for Dental Unit Chair

DenshineSKU: 370463




  1. View depth is big: can gain good luminance beam spot and luminance in the shining distance range.

2.. The light is soft, won't hurt your eyes.

  1. No color separation:  the color and the color temperature

for the whole light spot are the samegreatly reduce the 

color separation though the lensas well as the effect to 

the light sensitive material.

  1. Light efficiency is higher


Input Voltage: AC12-24V

Power: 10W

Illumination: 10000-30000Lx

Color Temperature: 5500K

Spot size: 80x160mm(Distance for 700mm)

Amount of LED tube: 6pcs

Package Includes:

1*Main body

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