20:1 Dental LED E-generator Handpiece E type Motor

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1.Provide sufficient torque to meet the requirements of turque output at the dental implant system condition of 70N.cm

2.Unfading and non-slipping,it can be keep enough torque after many times used

3.LED E-generator,self-illuminated

4.Push button,Torque force up to 70 N.cm

5.Fiber optical brightness

6.Ergonomics coating ,more hygeian

7.Sterilization : up to 135 ℃

8.Applicable bur : Φ2.345-2.355mm

9.Fitting with E type motor , can be avaible to match up with Swiss, Japan, Korea famous brand implant system.


compatible with dental implant system

max speed:  2000r/min

gear datio :  20:1 reduction

torque :   ≤70N.cm

Sterilization temperature: 135℃

Package Includes:

1*LED 20:1 implant handpiece

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