DC brushless motor dental lab micromotor

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  1. Powerful yet very Low Noise (60 dB) Unit
  2. Low vibration or heat generation after long hours of operation
  3. Ergonomic design allows for easy grip and lower fatigue
  4. Built in hand-piece cradle and bit stand
  5. Automatic safety overload protection system (Reset Function)
  6. One-Touch change forward & reverse switch
  7. Compact and portable size
  8. Continuous variable speed control.
  9. If you need the handpiece,contact us please.


  • Type of motor:DC brushless motor
  • Rotation:2,000-40,000rpm
  • Torque:3.4Ncm
  • Power input:DC 24V
  • Size of motor:φ22xL71 mm
  • Weight of motor:71g
  • Noise level:<60dB
  • Illuminate:LED(white light)
  • Size of control device:L150.00 x W128.00 x H55.00mm
  • Total weight: 1250.00g
  • Working temperature: -40℃~+70℃.
  • Humidity:10%~100%
  • Air pressure:50kpa~103kpa

Do not press button during the motor on working.
Please note that the proper disposal of handpiece protect the environment, it prevents possible harmful effects on humans and environment which could be caused by improper handling of waste.
1.Try to avoid use in working condition that oxygen, carbon monoxide mixed together and flammable compound exist.
2. Do not remove the handpiece head while the motor still on working.
3. Handle with care avoid to fall down.
4.Avoid the oil fill into motor.
5.Do not sterilized with chemical.

Package includes:

  1. Motor 1
  2. Control 1
  3. Motor hose 1
  4. Power 1
  5. O ring 2
  6. Operation manual 1
  7. Certificate 1

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