Dental E-TYPE micromotor polish contra angle +straight handpiece + Electric Motor

DenshineSKU: 45466231-110v

PLUG: 110V


Compact sized control box 
Very High-powered and quality 0-35,000rpm
Non stage speed system (it is well designed to output from zero to 35,000rpm by using a nonstage speed system)
Right & Left turning ability foot ON/OFF switch system (Variable Control system foot pedal)
New speed control system;Two kinds of speed control ways.
Speed range 0  - 35,000 R.P.M Voltage <A>220V/50Hz±10%  <B>110V/60Hz±10%    Weight:2 KG
Packing list:
Control box
On/Off Switch Foot Pedal
Handpiece base
Contra Angle
Straight handpiece
Electric Motor 

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