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1.Easy removal only with this kit when any broken abutment 

screw in an implant or implant itself has to be removed.

2.Easy and safe removal of screws due to the included screw 

guide and screw drill.

3.Possible of removing any broken or damaged implant and 

abutment screw with only one kit.

4.Possible of removing any implant or abutment screw in any 

case due to the perfect components.

5.Possible of protecting the thread in the implant through 

the accurate drilling using the screw guide.


1.Trephine bur : Ø4.5, Ø5.0, Ø5.5, Ø6.0  Used after installation 

to the engine handpiece when removing the implant from the mouth.

2.Implant remover : 3EA  Used for removing the implant by 

connecting to the ratchet, putting in the implant and turning 


3.Implant forceps : Used first for attempting the removal of 

an implant as the exclusive forceps for the implant removal.

4.Hand / Straumann Adapter : Used for switching the driver 

for the ratchet to the hand or connection for the use of 

Straumann ratchet wrench.

5.Driver Hand Adapter : Used for switching the driver for 

the handpiece to the hand or connection for the use of 

Straumann ratch wrench.

6.Screw Guide: It aims at protecting the thread in the 

implant with the fixing to the implant. Type: External 2.4 

Hex, External 2.7 Hex, Internal 3.1 Octa, Submerged 2.5 Hex, 

TSV 3.7 / 4.1, CAMLOG Tube-in-Tube

7.Guide Wrench : Used for fixing the screw guide to the 


8.Craw Driver : Used by turning counterclockwise to the 

broken surface of the abutment screw.

9.Screw Drill : Drilling (1500~2000RPM) counterclockwise 

through the screw drill where the screw guide is installed 

when the broken screw is not removed even with the claw 


10.Tap Driver : Used by turning counterclockwise after 

drilling to the broker abutment screw.

11.0.7 Slot Driver: Used by turning counterclockwise to the 

broken abutment screw surface after drilling.

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