Dental Implant Tool BONE EXPANDER KIT

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1.As the thread design of the expander is reversed, the bone can be surely widened.

2.The selection of ratchet can be diversified as the adapter compatible with Straumann Wrench is inserted.

3.One kit enables both the use of implant engine and manual use.

4.The Reverse Threaded

5.Bone Trimmer

6.Color Division

7.Compact Size


1.Crest Trimmer : Used for trimming and flattening the narrow and thin bone in crest width.

2.Saw Ø10 : Used for sawing the bone.

3.Drill : Used for drilling an implanting hole to push the expander.

4.Expander : Used for expanding the bone sequentially to insert the implant into the narrow area in crest width.

5.Ratchet : Used for tightening or loosening the expander manually during surgery.

6.Ratchet Adapter : Used for connection to the ratchet for the extension of the expander.

7.Handpiece Adapter : When the implant engine is used, it is used with the insertion of the expander after it is connected to the handpiece adapter. [Recommended RPM: 30~50RPM]

8.Hand/Straumann Adapter : Used by turning the expander with hands or used with the connection to Straumann Ratchet Wrench.

9.The Bone Expander has the basic type consisting of the basic expander, and the master type where 2 premium tools are added.

Package includes:

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