Dental High Fast Speed Handpiece Tubing Adapter Changer 2 Holes to 4 Holes

DenshineSKU: 180192



Introduction for Handpiece Tubing Adapter:
For 4 holes handpiece:
The new high quality dental parts--- Handpiece Tubing Adapter. which is the important part of dental handpiece. It is often used in changing 4 hole Handpiece on a 2 hole Connector or else. It is convenient for dentists to transform 2-hole quick connector and 4-hole quick connector easily. We would supply the excellent goods and services according to clients' requirements.
Features for Handpiece Tubing Adapter:
1. Used in dental applications
2. Quick-Change handpiece adapter
3. Excellent comfort design, easy to clean and maintain
4. Stainless steel borden straight dental handpiece nut
Adapter: 1 each

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