Dental Gypsum Oscillator Plaster Vibration Instrument

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Functional features:
Intelligent operation panel: the design is more humanized and the operation is more convenient.
Rubber base, smooth, antiskid, flexible and elastic, without displacement.
Infinitely variable speed, stable oscillation
Power supply: 160W
Maximum load: 3kg
Fuselage weight: 5.12kg
Supply voltage:
American Standard:110V/50Hz±10%
European standard:220V/50Hz±10%
Product size:
Length: 207 mm
Width: 105mm
Height: 94mm
Plaster oscillator is the equipment used by dentists to make dental plaster models.
Matters needing attention in the use of instruments and solutions to problems:
Before power-on, adjust the strong and weak switch to the middle O position, select strong vibration or weak vibration after power-on, and place the plaster model to be oscillated on the oscillator plate
Turn on the adjusting knob, and adjust clockwise to increase the oscillation and counterclockwise to decrease the oscillation
After the bag model oscillates, turn off the knob to stop the oscillation, and then remove the model for use
Pay attention to:
The power supply used by the oscillator is reliably grounded, and the knob is adjusted when oscillating Matters Should not be too fast, should slowly from small to large or from large to small, and often scrub the body surface, prolong the service life.
This is a high-power and high-efficiency oscillator. The unique bottom cooling rib design supports its long-time non-stop operation. It has weak vibration and strong vibration and can be switched at any time.
Before power on,put the switch in the middle part"O",and then power on, turn on the switch(the indicator light comes on),and choose the stong grade or weak grade,finally turn on the switch two or switch one, it starts to work.
Breakdown phenomenon:when it works,the noise becomes large suddenly, comes with unusual sound meantime.
Reason:the gap between vibrate's platform and transformer is unusual
Trouble shooting:Cut down the power, remove the rubber platform,and reverse the machine,put the base up,use"+" type screw-driver to remove 4 pieces M6 screws, in order to make vibrator's platform separating from the body..Inspects four vibrate support pole one by one whether they have become lossen or the height are not same.Readjust the four vibrate support poles'height to be 68mm,, and lock them tightly. (Adjust tool: 10mm opposite side hexagonal socket spanner)

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