Dental Equipment Double Pen Fine Sandblaster Unit

DenshineSKU: 370118

Style: 110V


Fine Blasting Units are used to polish the surface of porcelain crowns, it is necessary for dental equipment. It has a large window, and the twin-pen can be used to polish materials of different hardness. The transparent bottles enable users to observe the state of the sand during the sandblasting process. The advantages are strong sandblasting power, smooth and accurate operations, and it is easy to repair. This sandblaster is a necessary tool for polishing the surface of porcelain crowns in dentistry.
Voltage220V 50Hz±10%
Power:<50W (lamp 25w)
Pressure: ≥ 4kg/
Optional part: Dust Collector
Package size:51×49×38cm
Gross weight:about 17kg

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