Dental X-Ray Film Processor Developer Chamber Portable Manual Washing Darkroom Box

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Dental X-Ray Film Processor Developer Chamber Portable Manual Washing Darkroom Box

1.It is use view of the dental film processing design, can wash 30*40mm single film.
2.The machine is small size, can be directly placed on the table, Reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
3.This products is placed in the dim room environment washed pieces of worl and achieve a darkroom wash piece of equal effect.
4.The main components of this product for plastic products, with excellent corrosion resistance and strength, qualitative light easy to move, can be used in any solid table.

Technical data
Use for film size:30*40mm
The biggest irrigation width:50mm
Medicine tank capacity: enhancement of 250ml,fixing 250ml,250ml water
Washing method: manual
Developing temperature: room temperature
Material: engineering plastic
Net weight:3KG
Products size: 410X340X240mm 


1.The film exposure and development time is too long, all can make the film image density is too high, film black. Too little time to film image density is low ,with lighter film.
2.The film should be uniform in potions cup stir, to ensure that the wash effect.
3.Time limit, potions have certain times and after each use should cover the lid of the medicine cup, depending on the manufacture`s instructions.
4.if have a potion fell into eyes, rinse with plenty of water immediately.

Packing list

Main machine : one set
Three potion 250ML cup
There is a protective film on the surface of the dental dark box, which can be removed when used. The protective film of the observation window should be removed.

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