Dental Composite Resin Heater Dental AR Heat Composite Warmer

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1.AR Heat designed for heating composite resin material,improve 

the flow of its adhesive properties;At the same time it can also 

be used to heat adhesive when used manual equipment.

2.AR Heat use the precision circuit control module to heat,

control the temperature tolerance within 1 degree,According to 

your choice of material and personal preference temperature can 

be set up to: 40 degrees, 50 degrees and 70 degrees.


Power adapter:

Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.8A Max

Output: 12V DC 2A

Power: 24W

Temperature setting: 40±1℃, 50±1℃, 70±1℃

AR Heat consist:

1-heat the main body

2-power adapter

3-temperature indicator light

4-Turn on/off button

5-thermopreferendum button

6-power DC socket


  1. Insert the plug of power adapter DC heating main body of the 

DC socket, and then insert the power adapter into electric 

outlet. then three temperature indicator light normally on at 

the same time;

  1. Place the heating body on the smooth desk;
  2. turn on/off button, open the heating body, pressing the 

button once again, close the heating body,Boot the default 

temperature of the heating body is 40 degrees (closed heating 

body, three temperature indicator light normally on at the same 


  1. According temperature selection button can choose what you 

need,the follow detailed list of temperature can be seen;


Indicator light color  


reach the undefined temperature



white LED glisten   

white LED light normally on



green LED glisten  

green LED light normally on



red LED glisten  

red LED light normally on


When the indicator light is glisten from normally on,temperature 

has reached the undefined temperature;

  1. use the resin composite material of syringe inserted into a 

slot in the heating body, or put into the using manual equipment

reach the undefined temperature;


  1. the resin composite material must tight the lid of the 

syringe, prevent leakage material within the heating body;

Clean and disinfect:

All the parts can be cleaned with disinfectant dishcloth.Don't 

put any parts immersed in any liquid cleaning and disinfection, 

don't disinfect under high temperature and high pressure

Fault warning:

3 sets of indicator light glisten together: Temperature sensor failure

Technical specification:

Package includes:

1*Main unit

1*User Manual

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