Dental Composite Heater AR Heating Products Instrument

DenshineSKU: 29719839-eu-plug

Color: EU Plug 100-240V


Description of product:
1.1   Heater designed for heating composite resin material,improve the flow of its adhesive properties;At the same time it can also be used to heat adhesive when used manual equipment.
Heater use the precision circuit control module to heat,control the temperature tolerance within 1 degree,According to your choice of material and it can set any integer  temperatue within 40-70℃
1.2  Some materials and recommended temperatue

No.   Material Recommended temperatue(℃)
1 Resin(for filling)
2 Resin(for bonding) 55
3 Branscan   38
4 Agar film Melting 99;Insulation 60
5 Sodium hypochlorite   60

2.1  After plug the power supply,the digital tube is always on ” -- ℃ ”
2.2  After plug the power supply,single press “ ON/OFF/SET ”
Heater goes into the heating state according to the set temperatue at previous power-off.
It automatically stops heating after reaching preset temperatue.
2.3  After plug the power supply,single press “ + ” or “ - ” into the setup mode.Press  “ + ” can increase the preset temperatue.Press  “ - ” can decrease the preset temperatue.After setting,single press “ ON/OFF/SET ” into the heating state.It automatically stops heating after reaching preset temperatue.
In the setting mode,long press the “+”or “-” to quickly increase or decrease the preset temperatue,any integer within the preset temperatue 40-70 can be selected.
Technical parameter:
3.1  Power adapter:
Input:AC100-240V 50/60Hz
3.2  Heating temperatue range:40℃-70℃,±1℃

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