Dental Root Canal Files Broken File For Endodontic Treatment Dentistry Needle Tips Tools

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Dental Equipment Root Canal Files Extractor Broken File Removal System Remover Kit for Endodontic Treatment


1.Used for root canal treatment in stomatology, remove the broken root canal file.
2.Avoid the trouble that the conventional technology ultrasonic tip is easy to break!
3.Equipped with three different sizes of work tips and it can meet multiple clinical needs.
4.Pre-bent work tip for easier operation.
5.Anti-fatigue, and Anti-fracture.


1.Niti Path drills *5
2.Niti Cutting drill *3:Easy to creat a stepped platform;
3.Cutting Cannula *3:Remove the dentin around the end of the broken file;
4.This equipment can be used directly under a microscope. Push the end of the handle to push the cap to clamp the broken tool with the sleeve, and take out the broken tool or other foreign matters in the root canal;
5. The bending wrench can adjust the bending angle of the clamping sleeve according to the position of the affected tooth. The factory bending is 45 degrees, and the maximum adjustable angle is 90 degrees;

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