Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Case With Count 12 Knobs

DentalDenshineSKU: 50921520-green

Color: Green


Product advantages:
1.Single count, color distinction, use count 12 times
2.To prevent the root canal from being overworked and broken,
3.Safe and controllable
4.When preparing severely curved root canals or complex root canals, one-time use is recommended
1.There are a total of 12 knobs on the upper and lower outer sides, one color.
2.Low-risk area, suitable for straight root canals of anterior or posterior teeth.
3.The 6 knobs in the middle,two colors,high risk area curved root canals of posterior teeth,It is recommended to use no more than 6 times.
4.High risk area the anterior or posterior straight root canal, a file that has been used 12 times,It is recommended to put it in this area to enter the next counting cycle.
5.The counting knob is a three-color identification to indicate different risk zones.
6.Each individual hole is attached with a counting ring.

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