1set Dental Aligner Chewies Mouth Tray Seater Brace

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Flavors: lemon flavor
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1.Help aligner tray fit teeth closer to make sure reach preset orthodontic force

2.Triangular prism shape uses wedge-force principe to fit aligner tray for adjacent anterior or premolar region .

3.Cyliner is used to fit aligner tray in  molar region with greater occlusal force, and it can also be used to exercise bite mussle.

4.Elliptic cyliner is mainly used to fit aligner tray in occlusal surface of posterior teeth .

5.More flavors ,more choicesMint flavor, grape flavor, green apple flavor, lemon flavor, watermelon flavor

4.Bite 5-10 minutes to avoid braces face .


Triangular prism-shaped,


Cylindroid shaped


Mint flavor,

grape flavor,

green apple flavor,

lemon flavor,

watermelon flavor

Package Include:

1 Kits

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