Dental cheek lip retractor for mouth opener of dental chair

DenshineSKU: 40640304-3pcs

Size: 3pcs


Color: White
Material: ABS
Minimizes cross-contamination
Better accessibility and visibility during treatment
Safe to use
Great comfort for the patient
Extremely hygienic tool
Incredible ergonomic design
It is a lip retractor system that connects to the dental chair’s HVE suction system, improving the environment, safety, and hygiene of everyone in the dental clinic operatory.
Patients’ comfort is increased since they are not being forced to keep their mouths open for long periods. This comfort is the result of its ergonomic design.
Minimizes the residues infected with pathogens that are released into the air and contaminate the surroundings. By absorbing droplets before they escape the patient's oral cavity and operatory from the use of spray from dental handpieces. Cross-contamination is the most significant risk in the dental operatory. It can cause infections in dentistry among patients and oral healthcare professionals.
Enables perfect access to the oral cavity. It has the basic functionality of a lip retractor, along with increased safety.

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