LED Touch Screen Dental Digital X Ray Machine Handheld Portable Imaging Unit

DenshineSKU: 370190

Voltage: 110V



1.High frequency inverter technology output is more stable.

2.Custom ultra-high capacity lithium battery is more durable.

3.One-click RVG digital mode conversion more accurately.

4.Boot self-checking conventional fault automatic report errors.

5.Humanized color LCD touch settings interface is more concise

6.Built-in temperature control, high voltage and low voltage 

protection safety.


Input power:X-ray Unit 16.8VAC,2.0A 

         Li-ion Charger 100-220VAC,50-60Hz,1.2A

Output power:X-ray Unit 80W  

         Li-ion battery capacity 14.8VDC,10A

Tube kV/mA:60KV/1mA(Built-in adjustable)

Li-ion battery capacity:6500mAh


Exposure time:0.1-2.5S

X-ray Tube Focal Spot size: 0.3X0.3mm

Total filtration:1.5mm

Display mode:LCD touch screen

Package Includes:

1 *main body

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