(Only For USA)Dental Apex Locator Root Canal Finder Dental Endodontic

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This Apex Locator makes it easy to get the right measurement. Its LCD screen is bright, large and angled upward for comfortable viewing. No adjustments,calibrations or additional settings are necessary.
It is not necessary to make any adjustment with different patients.
Two kinds of different frequency signal
Precise measurement results, though it's filled with NaCLO2, Physiological Saline, H2O2, water, etc.
Irrespective of kinds of teeth, size of root tip, thickness of root canal file
LCD display with exact visualization.
Set Shining position of root tip arbitrarily, to as length sign during operation.
Dapper root file holder
Root canal holder, contrary electrode can be sterilized by autoclave
Contact point of root canal file is made by high quality metal

Technical Specifications:

1. Power Voltage: DC7.5V( 5* DC1.5V AA Alkali Dry Cells)
2. Power Consumption: <0.135VA
3. Test Voltage: 4. Test Electric Current: <10uA
5. Display: LCD Screen
6. Dimensions: 105*105*115mm
7. Weigh: 370g

Packing List:

Main Unit: 1 each
Probe cord: 1 each
File Holders: : 1 each
Contrary Electrodes: 4 each
Screwdriver : 1 each

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